Image Retouching & Optimization

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The second project forย 2D Graphics |ย Creator: K


This was a nostalgic and vibrant project, all-around. The images that I utilized in this particular project are ones pertaining to my family, as well as my home country, Bulgaria (in Europe). The scannable pictures will be from past photo books, and the photographed images will be from various locations around the Canisius campus itself, especially particular areas that are reminiscent of my country in any given way, shape, or form (in a nature-, material-, or information-based manner).


  • The easy aspects:

1. Cropping the actual image in Adobe PhotoShop.

2. Placing the image into an Adobe InDesign document (utilizing shortcut keys or the “place” command).

3. Saving each cumulative document/file in conjunction with its proper, coordinating extension/file format (that is, understanding that an .indd/InDesign file must be saved as a .pdf for the final project submission, as well as, in direct regards to the other files, images must be saved as .png files after alterations have been made on said files).


  • Theย challenging aspects:ย 

1. Understanding how to properly modify an image in regards to its adjustments: that is, altering the levels, curves, saturation, hue, and other pertinent elements contributing to the creation of a well-designed final image.

2. Realizing how an image must be edited in order for it to resemble the original image as close as possible (specificity).

3. Utilizing the various tools each program has to offer (PhotoShop, InDesign), and becoming accustomed to said program tools/features.


  • What Iย learned:

1. How to edit and adjust images accordingly.

2. How to implement the features in each individualized program in a more efficient and productive manner (cropping, balancing, etc.).

3. Various keyboard shortcuts permitting me to establish progress in regards to the project in a faster manner (in the form of image editing, placing, and so forth).


  • How it could beย improved:

1. The edited/photo-book images could have been altered even more so that they match the original pictures more closely (id est, a varied plethora of edits could have been made to those scanned photo-book images so that they resemble the originals even more closely, in specific detail).

2. Certain live photos could have been more expansive in detail; that is, the photos could or should have been shot at angles that better reflect the scene/area itself.

3. The thumbnails of certain images for the Web site could have been cropped in a more precise manner, thus, exposing more detail or focusing on more noticeable elements.


  • Application of knowledge for future assignments:

1. I shall know how to better improve/retouch images (edit their balance, levels, saturation, hue, and so forth).

2. I will be familiar with utilizing InDesign and PhotoShop’s various features, such as placing objects, transforming images, changing the render quality of said images, and exporting to a PDF after the document is edited accordingly, to specifications.

3. I will possess the knowledge of how to utilize a scanner and scan images at a proper DPI for inputting into a digital print catalog and for further in-program/digital editing.


  • Inspiration:

1. My home country, Bulgaria.

2. My family.

3. The Canisius College campus.

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