The fourth project for 2D Graphics | Creator: K


The fourth and final project for the semester was remarkably fascinating. I thoroughly took pleasure in its creation. My style of digital illustration and design are notably evident in this particular piece. The marked complexity of each specific element of the map itself enhances the aesthetics in a seemingly infinite manner. Meticulous care integrated into each specific artifact permits my hometown of Pleven, Bulgaria to be represented in a detailed, characteristically pleasing style, and for its defining characteristics to genuinely, visually manifest to the eyes of the beholder. All of the individual aspects coagulated precisely and cohesively, from its landmark buildings to its striking scenery. Illustrator’s intrinsic, extensive variety of tools of virtually infinite capability permitted for the formulation of a definitive piece of artwork and, ultimately, cartograph.


  • The easy aspects:

1. Deciding which images would be utilized within my project.

2. Creating basic shapes and layers to outline the basis of the map.

3. Defining the artboards as a canvas for the symbols.


  • The challenging aspects: 

1. Marking the precise locations of each area, building, and landmark (all symbols, generally), as well as determining the scale in pertinence to the aforementioned.

2. Properly establishing and labeling all essential and significant roads.

3. Accurately visualizing and subsequently drawing the symbology for each location.


  • What I learned:

1. How to fashion increasingly complex and intricate symbols and drawings with the Pen tool.

2. The ideations involving storing symbols (creating a link to them, per se) and swatches in a digital library for future usage, utilizing textures, fills, and strokes, grouping and expanding objects, and so forth.

3. The methodology or process of production of a unique, perceivably understandable, and creative yet professional cartograph.


  • How it could be improved:

1. Varying colors, fonts, and text sizes could have been implemented.

2. A background of elevated contrast may have been applied.

3. An equidistant spacing between objects, as well as a prevention of the former’s overlap would be capable of improving the quality of the project itself.


  • Application of knowledge for future assignments:

1. I shall possess the newfound ability to develop distinctly multiplex icons pertaining to actually existing aspects of life.

2. I will henceforth discern the schema pertinent to the approach of a cumulative, multifaceted visual project such as this.

3. I will fully understand and subsequently actualize the methods utilized in creating the map in an effective and exacting mode.


  • Inspiration:

1. My affinity for my personal culture, ethnicity, and heritage.

2. The plethora of intriguing, well-designed, and architecturally innovative locales present in my city.

3. And, of course, my very birthplace as well as the locus of the genesis of my life story: Pleven, Bulgaria.

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