Package Design


The third project for 2D Graphics | Creator: K


I found the third project for 2D Graphics to be truly enlightening in terms of designing the aesthetics of a purchasable product commonplace in many global market stores. This particular product, to be precise, is a milk carton. At its mere foundation, it may appear simple. However, there is a proper methodology and a variety of prior knowledge one must utilize and properly implement in its cumulative creation. Ideally, it must be a product that is pleasing to the eye and that, theoretically, draws attention to a consumer seeking to, quite possibly, purchase a dairy product (this specific milk carton presented above, in specificity)–that is, if it were to be sold in stores. Truly extensive, well-developed knowledge pertinent to Adobe Illustrator, and even some aspects of Photoshop must be taken into consideration to fabricate a seamless final product.


  • The easy aspects:

1. Drawing basic shapes and pasting images.

2. Utilizing the eyedropper and text tools.

3. Adding new layers and organizing them accordingly.


  • The challenging aspects: 

1. Creating proper outlines and seamless curves with the Pen tool.

2. Re-tracing/re-creating the Byrne Dairy logo.

3. Ensuring that all (Pen-based) drawings are correctly designed/of proper quality and that all aforementioned drawings, as well as pertinent images, fit onto the actual carton’s digital template for future printing (and digitized) purposes.


  • What I learned:

1. How to fashion elegant and sophisticated designs foundationally with the Pen tool.

2. How to package and construct a milk carton physically utilizing a pre-established template.

3. The complicated processes involved in producing a commodity that may seem truly straightforward at its surface, as well as the amount of effort involved.


  • How it could be improved:

1. The actual drawings themselves could have been perfected (different strokes, colors, et cetera).

2. A variety of different text could have been added to the final product itself.

3. The physical version of the milk carton could have been taped a tad more precisely.


  • Application of knowledge for future assignments:

1. I will understand how to professionally create logos and more complex designs with the Pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.

2. I shall know how to print a physical copy of a previously created digital design correctly, proportionally, & effectively.

3. A more advanced, extensive implementation of the various tools and functions in the primary program utilized in the creation of this milk carton will occur.


  • Inspiration:

1. Europe, the United States of America, and one of the primary countries of focus of this particular project–which also happens to the country from which I originate–Bulgaria.

2. Well-designed and curated marketplace products (in this particular instance, milk cartons).

3. The beauty of nature in digital form, as well as my fondness for creations that are cumulative, and require effort from more than one country (such as ones that are “produced” in one location, and distributed in another; in this case, America and Bulgaria, Europe).

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