The first project for 2D Graphics | Creator: K


This particular project was truly interesting. I found that the utilization of three essential, varied Adobe software applications provided me with a plethora of information/knowledge pertinent to the universe of two-dimensional graphical design. I acquired many industry-standard skills after the completion of this project.


  • The easy aspects:

1. Utilizing the magnetic lasso tool.

2. Creating a layer mask.

3. Color adjustments.


  • The challenging aspects: 

1. Using the brush/refine edge tool after a mask.

2. Establishing a vector mask.

3. Creating letters from “Smart Objects”/shapes/vectors.


  • What I learned:

1. How to create a realistically designed photograph.

2. The manner in which an animation must be created (in Adobe After Effects).

3. The functions/tools of various Adobe programs.


  • How it could be improved:

1. The shape/logo aspect of the animation could have faded out in a better manner.

2. The design itself could have been busier.

3. I could have added various adjustment layers to further enhance the design.


  • Application of knowledge for future assignments:

1. I shall be able to enhance projects more creatively.

2. I will be able to create seamlessly integrable designs.

3. My knowledge of in-application/-program tools shall be utilized in a more efficient, qualitative, and quantitative manner.


  • Inspiration:

1. My home country, culture, and personal roots.

2. A nationally acclaimed singer of Bulgaria: Veselin Marinov.

3. My love for music, natural imagery, and the beauty of life itself.

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