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The second project for Digital Design Concepts | Creator: K


A monumental endeavor was partaken in directly regarding this project. Over a fulfilling, extensive span of time, many ideas, methodologies, and conceptualizations coalesced to formulate a distinctively unique series of designs, each with a fascinating plot. It is simply unfathomably difficult to express typographically or otherwise the extent to which I relished not only the process of creation associated with each piece itself, but also the aforesaid, intrinsically. The vision, ambience, and individuality of myself, as a designer, are imbued into the metaphorical heart and core of each creation. The beauty of life and the planet upon which we stand and breathe are notably represented via each present element, as well, in strikingly phenomenal detail. Expressiveness was a critical aspect here, and I conveyed my personal perspectives regarding the eclectic universe of digital illustration and design in a truly personal, yet connected, manner in each distinguishing landscape.


The easy aspects:

  • Mentally visualizing the colors and details of the design itself
  • Setting the four “artboards” as foundations for each creation
  • Gathering the necessary resources/images for the project


The challenging aspects:

  • Creating the cumulative/final design, all while utilizing complex gradients, meshes, and so forth
  • Abstracting/outlining (mentally) the precise design of each individual landscape, as well as the processes for creation of the aforementioned
  • Detailing a realistic, fully believable—yet unique—digitized actualization of a presumably echt entity


What I learned:

  • Designing intricately pertinent elements of a landscape within designated guidelines (i.e., utilizing a previously specified color schematic)
  • A plethora of elaborately multiplex implementations for distinct tools presently available in Adobe Illustrator CC
  • The significance (as well as how to) effectively operate within a designated segment of time


How my project could be improved:

  • Utilizing a singular, prevalent color scheme within each landscape
  • More simplistic design elements/schemes could have been utilized
  • Implementing varying design styles within each design itself


How the assignment could be improved:

  • An extended/alternative terminus ad quem of completion, given the possible sheer complexity
  • Multiplex options of landscapes, as opposed to a strictly determined set
  • Freedom in color choices, rather than an imposed limitation of a color scheme


Application of knowledge for future assignments:

  • The vast knowledge acquired via recreationally and strategically manipulating the toolset of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CC will be employed
  • Acknowledgement of creative constraints, as well as the intellect acquired whilst working within the parameters of the forenamed, shall be implemented
  • Elaborateness of the given project shall be considered thoroughly throughout the absolute duration of the completion of said project


Inspiration (various readings, tutorials, and YouTube videos):

  • A primary source exists as an article on how to effectively design/create a “space scene”
  • One secondary source exists as a YouTube video (amongst many others), which details the manners in which to establish realistic foliage
  • As a final source, a piece regarding the plenitude of elements of color itself was truly beneficial

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