The third project for Digital Design Concepts | Creator: K


As time passes onwards, we, as human beings, become more educated, experienced, skillful, and–most significantly–aware of who we truly are. Our inner character shines through and envelops our very existence, thus, formulating the individuals we are. This concept/ideation exists as the fundamental, critical core of this composition. The binary ones and zeroes embody a visual representation of the internal machinations of our D.N.A. Additionally, the “always-look-forward” mentality of each figure above denotes how it is of utmost importance to continue to foster your growth, mind, and abilities with time. As is demonstrated above, as one progresses into adulthood, they become … themselves. The strands become more colorful, to denote emergence; light is being shed on one’s true character; and confidence peaks. With this image, complexity coalesces with intrinsic simplicity to establish a new type of image, and it is one that emphasizes a singular phrase: “Develop yourself.”


The easy aspects:

  • Setting up each “Artboard”/region for development
  • Deciding the flow of design
  • Formulating the concept of the project


The challenging aspects:

  • Conveying simplicity, as well as complexity, within one project
  • Defining a realistic, fully aesthetically appealing pattern
  • Quite ironically, gathering the necessary images


What I learned:

  • The manner in which to display complexity properly, while still being fundamentally simplistic
  • How to utilize the variety of tools within both Photoshop and Illustrator to design realistic/aesthetically pleasing patterns
  • The significance of well-detailed patterns


How my project could be improved:

  • A more flat, non-extensive color base could have been implemented
  • More elements within the project would have enhanced its aesthetic
  • A different, more clear-cut/obvious metaphor could have been utilized


How the assignment could be improved:

  • An extended due date, possibly
  • New, unusual tools to complete the assignment within the software would have spiced it up a bit
  • If information from prior assignments was imbued here


Application of knowledge for future assignments:

  • I shall understand how to concisely and precisely create abstract conceptualizations (and metaphors, specifically)
  • I will be fully aware of the plethora of tools offered in both programs
  • The techniques employed throughout the duration of this project’s completion will assist me in acknowledging the many uses of Photoshop and Illustrator’s functionalities, besides the tools themselves


Inspiration (various readings, articles, and personal inspiration):

  • One source, regarding the construction of words/language semantics, was quite assistive from a structural standpoint
  • As a secondary source, this article detailing various metaphorical works was truly inspirational
  • Finally, my love for programming/software development played a notable role 😉

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