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The fourth project for Digital Design Concepts | Creator: K

An homage to my roots, this project truly encompasses the defining characteristics of Bulgaria and being a Bulgarian. All of the aspects and features of life that best represent my character I owe to my country and my lineage. And, so, it is only natural that I pay respect, right? This project delves deep into essential characteristics and traits of natives of the aforementioned, and delineates each into a singular category (four, in total): art, historical architecture, food, and entertainment, respectively. To elaborate, the first image displayed above is the Pleven Panorama, and it contains the vast, elaborate pieces of artful expressionism that detail the country’s historically monumental wars and battles. Second in order is the Pleven Mausoleum, which houses the remains of the combatants who fought in such fateful battles and wars. Third is, simply, a “Duner Kebab,” an utterly delicious, meat-and-veggies-filled wrap complete with spices and exotic sauces that are sure to fuel your appetite for more as soon as you have finished with your current one. And, finally, last are the traditional festive dances of the nation, with one of the most popular displayed: the “Rachenitsa.” One can see how spectacularly vibrant and wonderful the nation is simply via this project itself.

The easy aspects:

  • Gathering the necessary images for completion of this particular project
  • Establishing each of the four square-ratio “Artboards”
  • Choosing which colors to utilize for each individual piece

The challenging aspects:

  • Creating and perfecting the stamp’s structure
  • Crafting the minute, distinct details that truly make the picture what is is
  • Finding proper fonts to match with the holistic theme of each quota

What I learned:

  • How to create distinct but united pieces of artwork (i.e., they stand apart, but are fully interconnected)
  • Designing in smaller proportions (as well as more precisely given that fact)
  • The true importance of minuscule details

How my project could be improved:

  • Even more varied color schemes could have been implemented
  • More distinct postage stamps could have been designed
  • A different, more suitable aspect ratio and layout could have been utilized for my creations

How the assignment could be improved:

  • Perhaps, if we designed entire postcards alongside the stamps, the project would become even more interesting
  • Different aspect ratios could be permitted
  • An inclusion of more obscure tools in Adobe software (as well as interesting methodologies) could have also been instructed, possibly

Application of knowledge for future assignments:

  • The manner in which more commercially oriented items are created shall be understood
  • All associated processes for realistic design (real-life-based design, that is) will be acknowledged and properly implemented for similar projects
  • Complexity of said project shall be accounted for whilst effectuating multiple designs

Inspiration (various readings, tutorials, YouTube videos, and in-class exercises/labs):

  • Articles informing readers of the vast universe of typefaces, as well as the distinctions between each of the aforementioned, alongside pertinent terminology
  • A plethora of YouTube videos regarding interesting manners in which to design whilst utilizing unique fonts
  • Tutorials (whether YT or article-/Web-based) actually detailing the exact instructions of how to design a certain piece of artwork with a singular or varying fonts, as well as in-class labs/exercises

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