Multipage Design

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The first project for Print Design | Creator: K

This truly unique project introduces us to the spectacularly creative universe of printmaking and physical aesthetic design. The multifaceted methodologies pertinent to creation of any physical entity, even more so a booklet or magazine, are utterly essential to understand if one seeks to involve themselves with such a profession or activity. The creation of such may be complex and beautiful simultaneously, and one may approach it in a variety of diverse manners unique to their style of design and conceptualizations. What is learned from this, ultimately, is the processes that various professional companies/business partake in so that they establish such a product—both technical, or software-based, as well as real-world. And, with this newfound knowledge, you now possess the capability to create a booklet, book, magazine, or similar products of your choosing that both you and others shall be satisfied with.

The easy aspects:

  • Deciding which images and color hues to utilize
  • Creating the file and layout—i.e., dimensionality, placing images, and so forth
  • Choosing the content itself (stories, images, and more), as well as the appropriate typefaces

The challenging aspects:

  • Establishing the format of the document itself—i.e., bleeds, pages, sections and numbering, etc.
  • Creating proper character and paragraph styles to appropriate and apportion the content correctly and precisely
  • Physically correctly assembling the booklet via the multistage procedures, including precise binding and trimming

What I learned:

  • How to set up an InDesign document accordingly, with specific bleeds, margins, measurements, and so forth
  • The manner in which to assemble the physical booklet (all associated steps, etc.)
  • Ultimately, how to professionally digitally sculpt/design and realistically establish a product in the same category as magazines, pamphlets, and so forth—a tangible item

How my project could be improved:

  • More meticulous trimming after printing could have been performed
  • Varying colors and schemes could have been further delved into/explored
  • A more expanded booklet size may have been implemented in order to display more detail when printed

How the assignment could be improved:

  • Different margin sizes, layouts, etc., could have been implemented
  • Further explanation of CMYK colorization and associated aspect possibly could have been elaborated upon
  • A discussion of the variety of InDesign features and interconnections with different Adobe products would have permitted for further understanding of the various means by which to improve or enhance the design

Application of knowledge for future assignments:

  • An understanding of commercialized application of aforementioned processes shall be taken into account when creating/designing in the future
  • The time frame in which projects such as these are delivered upon will be understood
  • The design and software techniques pertinent to this project shall be utilized

Inspiration (various readings, tutorials, YouTube videos, and in-class exercises/labs, et cetera):

  • Videos pertaining to bleed, margins, layout, section numbering, and useful program functions
  • Articles describing appropriate techniques to print, bind, and trim physical items/products
  • Various interesting stories and poems included on the booklet itself

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