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The second project for Print Design | Creator: K

This particular project was especially inspired by a wholesome love and curiosity of my own, as well as my country’s, heritage, culture, and background, as well as my personal interests and fascinations. All of the creations resulting from this product were developed with utter, ecstatic cheerfulness, as witnessing my culture and interests come to life was a phenomenon like no other. To perceive a visual representation of my digital work was truly inspiring, and, naturally, I have come to understand how to successfully proceed in making such physical representations of my mental conceptualizations, frameworks, and, ultimately, designs. Actively partaking in first designing the poster and subsequently manually commandeering the process of developing a tangible print, then mounting it on a canvas only served to supplement the design with beauty, elegance, grace, and professionalism. And as for the sticker portion—the second aspect, which consummates the project itself—the same applies, truly. Quite simply stated, this was a phenomenal learning experience which allowed for personal discovery and educational acquisition, and I am glad to have partaken in it.

The easy aspects:

  • Setting up the program and file constraints & dimensions accordingly and appropriately
  • Utilizing the software with previously acquired knowledge to create above-mentioned images/designs
  • Incorporating various design elements and tool functionalities in order to create cohesive visualizations (and, thus, the project itself)

The challenging aspects:

  • Precisely and effectively utilizing mechanical, manual tools to frame the poster image precisely as well as the stickers
  • Incorporating bleeds and margins effectively when printing, so as to establish a successfully printed design (trial and error-based procedures)
  • Discovering the best possible manner in which to go about performing the above-mentioned

What I learned:

  • Standardized, as well as personally applicable, practices and methodologies
  • How to efficiently and felicitously utilize available tools to derive a professional product
  • The significance of all details—however seemingly discreet or, inversely, prominent/conspicuous—in the creation of such a project

How my project could be improved:

  • The backing and foam-core boards could have been even more precisely framed
  • More distinct colors may have been implemented
  • A different icon schema (flat/skeuomorphic design, etc.) might have resulted in an improved creation

How the assignment could be improved:

  • Via the implementation of a proj. structure that is more open to interpretation, such as one that permits for completely arbitrary poster sizes, materials, colors, etc.
  • An even broader scheme of choices for designs would have allowed for more variety
  • Even more software- and printing-specific, helpful information could have been mentioned

Application of knowledge for future assignments:

  • Commercial-based product-creational knowledge will be utilized
  • Oversize printing information and processes shall be implemented in similar projects
  • Awareness of the time-length and complexity of certain tasks will be understood

Inspiration (various readings, tutorials, YouTube videos, and in-class exercises/labs, et cetera):

  • Class “lab” assignments and presentation data was essential in the creational process
  • Distinct online/Internet tutorials pertinent to oversize printing
  • Embedded project document articles relevant to such processes

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