Personal Brand

The third and final project for Print Design | Creator: K

Through this project, we completely defined ourselves professionally. The resultant creations serve as true, official representations of that of ourselves which we choose to present publicly, especially amongst those who exist as our peers. We creatively, uniquely, and distinctly represent the most significant aspects of our character on these tactically discernible entities which seek to characterize the metaphysical elements of our being in a tangible, perceivable manner. We do this concisely, whilst still encapsulating the aforementioned—who we are as people, and what we offer to the various multiplex, pedagogically intensive industries of the world. One must strive to differentiate themselves in an ever-expanding metaphorical sea of individuals—via their (personal) work, accomplishments/awards, real-world experience, and much more. And, via these creations, this is exactly what is attempted to be done.

The easy aspects:

  • Formatting the InDesign documents for printing (whilst including bleeds, margins, and so forth)
  • Developing the content of the products themselves (id est, the résumé and business card)
  • Utilizing the software, generally speaking, to create each unique design

The challenging aspects:

  • Realizing the situation in which to incorporate the more distinct aspects of the software itself that allow for precise formatting (Tabs, precise line-height and spacing, etc.)
  • Conveying information in a concise, yet effective manner
  • Establishing circumstantially appropriate paragraph and character styles, and maintaining each one thereof

What I learned:

  • The procedures associated with developing strictly professional products that display information appropriately
  • The various advantages a software product such as InDesign possesses over standardized word processor applications
  • How to properly and effectively maintain reader interest with interesting, yet professional typefaces and styling

How my project could be improved:

  • Typefaces/font families which are slightly more legible may have been integrated to increase readability
  • Different colors, card sizes, or card layouts would have allowed for even more design-based diversity, theoretically
  • More information pertinent to myself could have been integrated into the business card

How the assignment could be improved:

  • Including an even more rich explanation pertinent to InDesign’s tool set would have been an improvement
  • The manners in which various Adobe products interconnect for the purpose of such products could have been elaborated upon/discussed
  • Including more information on how to professionalize our résumé and business card(s) would have been of significant value (such as discussing lamination, various formatting approaches, and so on)

Application of knowledge for future assignments:

  • An understanding of personal professional representation will be implemented in future work
  • Manners in which to assist others with the above-created products shall be utilized
  • Software functionalities and printmaking techniques will be employed

Inspiration (various readings, tutorials, YouTube videos, and in-class exercises/labs, et cetera):

  • Class-pertinent articles relating to proper and improper résumé design techniques were of prominent importance
  • Personal research into the format, layout, and appropriate appearance of the aforementioned was quite significant
  • Online/Internet videos elaborating upon and displaying interesting business card designs were of use, as well

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