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The second & third and final projects for Advanced Web Design | Creator: K

Designing a site in a visual editor, “prototyping” said site/establishing animations and functionality, and subsequently developing a from-scratch WordPress customized theme for that particular site are amongst those aspects which define the crux of Web development. This entire, multi-step, multifaceted, and, indeed, multiplex project was a phenomenal learning experience, and utterly emphasizes the definition of being a Website developer. I truly acquired an superbly immense amount of knowledge pertinent to the ever-expansive assemblage of multiple programming languages which serve as the foundations of the Web: H.T.M.L., P.H.P., & C.S.S. All of the processes that a developer partakes in whilst engineering a theme to function cohesively, properly, and beautifully with the core WordPress software exist as a testament to one’s skills and ability to design. Creating a vision in code is no simple endeavor, as one must be quite fluent to fully comprehend the perceivable magnitude of a software that effectively powers over thirty percent of the Internet. With all this aside, it is, indubitably, tremendously enjoyable, and the cumulative magnum opus serves as a definitive culmination of achievement. And so, given this knowledge, I sincerely hope you enjoy my custom WordPress theme as much as I did developing it. 😊

The easy aspects:

  • Aggregating the resources necessary for development ( basic theme, images, etc.)
  • Creating custom classes and IDs and styling them via “style.css
  • Integrating previously dev’d code into the new theme

The challenging aspects:

  • Styling all of the custom CSS present in the PHP files that come with the template theme, from scratch, effectively, properly, and in a visually appealing manner
  • Discovering which CSS activates/affects other code in the theme folder’s files from the bare foundations of the template, without prior knowledge
  • Avoiding PHP errors and debugging successfully and with precision

What I learned:

  • An immense amount of knowledge pertinent to the core WP software and its codex
  • How to integrate PHP in various manners, and in various files
  • A plethora of information regarding CSS, SASS, and other relevant, associated data/aspects

How my project could be improved:

  • Different colors could be incorporated to enhance legibility (in regards to text gradients and clippings)
  • A more effective manner of media querying could be explored and implemented
  • Compatibility of the site with other browsers/operating systems should be taken into account

How the assignment could be improved:

  • Discussing more about PHP and its association with CSS and HTML, especially in direct regards to creating a custom WP theme from foundational code, would be beneficial
  • Code snippets and explanations of said code could be included in the directions for clarity and developmental assistance
  • Coalescing this project directly with a previous project to which it has pertinence, and simply coding that project itself, holistically, over time, could improve understanding of the task at hand, as well as permit for a deeper knowledge of the aforementioned languages

Application of knowledge for future assignments:

  • Development of future WordPress themes shall incorporate the knowledge acquired from this particular project
  • Awareness and utilization of online resources, such as the WordPress Blog and Codex, will exist/occur in the future
  • A more pedantic, profound, and acute understanding of modularized code, such as the code associated with this specific project, will be consistently considered whilst designing/programming

Inspiration (various readings, tutorials, YouTube videos, and in-class exercises/labs):

  • The WordPress Blog, Codex, and articles and information associated with the entirety of the structure of the open-source WordPress code itself, especially ones originating from or possessing direct ties to the Web site
  • Online videos and class presentations detailing various aspects of the WordPress universe
  • … and, ultimately, none other than my professor, who encouraged us to delve into the universe of WordPress development. πŸ˜„

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